Mike Kopp

Mike Kopp brings to all projects and ventures he touches more than 30 years of strategic and communications expertise honed on the front lines of numerous creative, corporate and political initiatives. Mike’s been hired by leaders of public and private companies, ventures and institutions who seek his counsel on a wide spectrum of challenges – from branding development to long term strategic planning. Prior to his work in the music industry, he had served for nearly 25 years as a Principal/Partner at two different agencies that handled marketing strategy and execution for major corporate and organizational enterprises. He currently manages multi-platinum-selling/singer/composer/producer Ben Folds. While still in college, Mike was selected to serve as a press aide in his first presidential campaign in Washington, D.C., after which he was asked to serve for eight years as communications director/press secretary for Al Gore in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Since that time Mike has personally been involved in more than 250 campaigns in both politics and business on the national and local levels, with clients that have included Gore, numerous Members of Congress, publicly traded corporations and privately held companies, the NFL, the NBA, and national and regional retail interests. In the corporate arena, Mike has tackled a wide range of business development and corporate projects. His credits include serving as a project lead for the successful grass roots marketing effort to support construction of the NFL stadium in Nashville, which paved the way for the relocation of the Tennessee Titans NFL franchise from Texas. Additionally, he was a project lead for the successful campaign to secure political and public support for the relocation of the Grizzlies NBA franchise to Memphis from Canada. He also served as a marketing consultant to NFL Head Coach Jeff Fisher, and as a communications consultant to numerous former Hall of Fame NFL quarterbacks. A member of the Recording Academy, he was also the founding President of the Music Industry Coalition, Nashville’s first organization to serve as a voice for working music industry professionals on matters that impact the city’s music culture and community. He remains active in numerous civic and community initiatives aimed at supporting the creative middle class in Nashville and throughout the country, and serves as an adjunct at area colleges in the area of entrepreneurship.